The process of optimizing and ranking the Fiverr gig

The process of optimizing and ranking the Fiverr gig

Many of tired of creating the 7 gigs and doing all the things and still not getting the orders. Or your account may be old and still not getting any orders. So I have I process that will help you to rank your gig higher for the right keywords.

The keywords that buyers are searching for are not the useless keyword that will rank you nowhere.

The Process :

it falls under 2 categories :

1] Creating New Gig

2] Optimizing the existing one

The difference between both processes is just simple. For creating a new gig go to the category in which you want to create the gig and for optimizing the existing gig just copy-paste the title of your gig into the search bar.

Let’s take the example of 2nd one.

First search your title then see what are the gigs that are ranking.

see if your gig is appearing or not.

if not Copy the first 4 titles of the gig and sort out the there titles keywords in ascending order and count there no of occurrences. Like my gig is for resume design I am doing optimization here.

My gig is at 3rd position out 755 services but still, it is not receiving the orders maybe because I haven’t included the keywords that buyers are looking for 🙂 So let’s optimize it.


Step 1: Go to the Resume Design category

Choose the best selling option and open the first 4 gigs in new tabs you can choose more if you want to.

Now copy each gig title into one place like this:

make professional resume design or modern cv template

do professional resume writing and design, cover letter, linkedin

do professional resume or cv design in 3 hours

provide professional resume writing cv designing services in 24 hours

just took 3 more examples

perform professional resume design and CV design

rewrite, make and design your resume, CV, and cover letter, ats

do best infographic design and cv resume design

Now extract the keywords and count their occurrences in the titles:

professional resume 5

cv design 3

writing 2

make 1

provide 1

infographic 1

cv 3

modern 1

template 1

rewrite 1

cover letter 1

linkedin 1

so here I extracted the keywords according to their occurrences in the titles.

Now I will try to incorporate these keywords in the gig like in title,description,image or videos names.

So First let’s build our title:

make professional resume design and cv design writing

Notice here one thing nobody is using the design as their first keyword so we should also avoid that. Instead we are going to use do,make,provide

So the title must be looking natural not like filled with the keywords.

Choose the gig category according to the other gigs and also metadata should be matched with our reference gigs.

Now, this is the most crucial part of Search Tags.

We will follow the same steps as we did for the title.

Take out all the tags and sort them.

professional cv 3

resume design 2

cv design 3

professional resume 3

resume writing 4

cv designing

professional cv

professional resume

resume writing

resume designing

resume design

cv design

professional cv

resume template

resume writing

resume writer

resume design

linkedin profile

professional resume

resume writing

So I take the first block as a reference and compare it with the other keywords and counted their occurrences. So my search keyword list becomes as follows:

resume writing 4

cv design 3

professional resume 3

professional cv 3

resume design 2

So the final look for the overview section is like this.

Here I am not going to focus on the pricing and requirement section that is not mostly affected in ranking.

So let’s move on to the description.

The same approach should be followed so here is my description after research.

I can design a Professional resume design or Modern cv template that can boost your chances of getting Jobs and make you stand out from others because the average recruiter spends just 6 seconds looking at each resume?

By working with an expert, you can make sure yours stands out instead of ending up in the trash!

If Yes? Then this GIG is for you.

We are a group of experience which deals in the print and media industry. we worked with different corporate companies and sold our various services to them, and we also can design your Professional and modern Resume design / cv template in Adobe Illustrator.

My Services:

➤ Resume / CV Design

➤ Resume / CV Writing

➤ Cover Letter Design

➤ Resume Template PSD to Word Conversion

➤ Resume Template Customization in AI

➤ Resume Template Customization in PS

What do you get?

Professional Resume design / cv template

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • PDF
  • Ai Source file

What do we need from you?

We just need the final content from your side.

Click on ORDER NOW and get a Professional resume/ cv template design.


Make use of bold and highlight on to the main keywords.

For the gig image/video use your title as their name.

After doing all of this let’s wait for the results.

So here is the instant results after optimizing the gig.

My gig is appearing in the first row with 1st place ✨ instantly. Now wait for some orders to roll out.

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